Cozylady LED Strip Lights Controlled by Remote

【CONCERNED ABOUT YOUR LED LIGHT FALLING OFF WALL?】Recently made Big Upgrade-New Thermal Conductive with ensured reliability-relieves you off the worry. It has viscosity inceasing in time and could be use on most surfaces. As our strip light is of greater quality hence greater weight, adhesive does not suffice to support 65ft light on certain surfaces like knitted/wool fabric, dust wall,rough plastic surface and frosted glass, we included reinforcement parts for the case.
【ARE YOU WORRIED ABOUT THE LED LIGHT STRIP WILL HAVE LAMP BEAD FAILURE OR SAFETY ISSUES?】We use fine chips that greatly reduce the chance of bead failure, and improve brightness and efficiency.Various quality control procedures have been implemented during manufacturing, and the safety of the product has been certified by UL.
【ARE YOU CONCERNED THAT 16.4 FEET IS NOT LONG ENOUGH?】We use the latest technology to make the low-voltage Strip Lights 50ft, the industry’s first. This is the ultimate solution to encircling your whole room.


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